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Cuatro consejos para mejorar tu audio en un podcast

Hace unos días escribí un post sobre un proyecto de programa de Podcast, que en principio se ha quedado guardado en un cajón. Unos días más tarde editando la entrevista de Jose Facchin, asimilé un poco mejor el tema de los contenidos de valor en internet. Como vengo del audiovisual y conozco un poco de tratamiento y procesado de audio, pues os dejo estos 4 consejos para mejorar el audio en un podcast. (o en una grabación locutada)

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Why you should invest a property at Valencia?

Are you looking for invest a property at Valencia? After Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is the third biggest city at Spain. The city is known internationally for the Falles (Les Falles), a local festival held in March, and for paella valenciana, an excelent rice dish. It has regular Mediterranean weather, The normal yearly temperature is 18 ° C and you can enjoy nearly 300 sunny days every year. Additionally, Valencia has 19.5 km of shoreline, 5 million green zones and a wide social offer. The Port of Valencia, reference in the Mediterranean, has an essential part in the financial advancement of the city being the principal Spanish port holder activity. Besides, it also highlights its airport and high speed train. THE CITY OF VALENCIA Inside the city you can move by bus, underground train, or tramway You can also move over all the plain city of Valencia by bike or walking. Inside Valencia has a urban space with four distinct biological communities. This gives identity, character and separation with other cities. Those spaces It has Turia Park, La Albufera, ports, shorelines and the Huerta. You can also enjoy a little beach of Malvarosa in the city. The city has numerous convention centres and venues for trade events, among them the Feria Valencia Convention and Exhibition Centre (Institución Ferial de Valencia) and the Palau de congres (Conference Palace), and several 5-star hotels to accommodate business travelers. Some investors are looking for a property to enjoy their holidays plus renting it out during the rest of the year. In that case, this city matters to you. Every one of these elements... leer más

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